Who Am I?

Professional at Work

I have been working in and around the Real Estate field for almost a decade now. I started out assisting behind the scenes with building and developing. Then I moved into an executive assistant position for an already well established Real Estate Agent in the area. She gave me the knowledge and confidence needed to start really helping people with their Real Estate needs. 

Mom at Heart

Although my secular work keeps me very busy, I am first and foremost a mother and a wife. My husband and I have been married since 2012 and we have one son. We have the best little family and I wouldn't change it for the world! Being a mom and wife means that I go above and behind to keep everyone happy and everything moving smoothly, it's what Mom's do and I have learned to translate that into assisting people with their Real Estate needs.

Volunteer Spirit

Community is a big part of where we live. We are very much a vacation town so the local people to band together to build each other up. I love to give back to that community. I assist local businesses during the busy festival seasons and I volunteer with my local place of worship among many other things to help boost our community.